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Class Production - We'll Meet Again

First Aid Training

Swimming - fun session

Multi-sports Event

Evacuated to Stibbington- As part of our World War 2 topic, the children dressed up and took on the role of wartime evacuees whilst assuming the name of an actual evacuee from history. We were met by our billeting officer who showed us around the village, pointing out the landmarks and our new host homes. We were lucky to enjoy a fly over and parachute drop from our 'boys in blue' and a visit to the local church. When the children arrived at the school they experienced filling in their identity cards, a propaganda poster quiz, a gas mask drill, writing with dip pens, learning songs and even a message from Princess Elizabeth. Imagine our surprise when the air aid siren went off and we made our way to the Morrison shelter! At lunch we even tried SPAM sandwiches and played with authentic toys from the time. We had an amazing day and got a real sense of what it would have been like for the 'real' evacuees during the war!

Gymnastics County Final Ipswich


Science Exploritorium

French Cafe! Squirrels classroom was transformed into our very own French cafe. We decorated the tables and designed menus (in French of course)! On the day we baked crepes and dressed up to greet our parent customers, speaking in French as much as possible. We took orders, prepared and served food and drinks. It was an amazing experience and we got lots of great feedback - Bon Apetite!

Gymnastics Competition. After three rounds of exciting competition in front of the judges, we were astounded and proud to be announced as overall winners in the Lower Key Stage 2 category. We have now qualified for the county finals in Ipswich in June!

World Book Day

A visit by some scientists from Cambridge. We explored different animal skulls and discussed what they could tell us about how they ate and hunted.

Fantastic homework!

Sharing the Love! For Valentine's Day our wonderful parents sent the children messages of love and shared how they thought they were special.

Making our own Digestive System! We used everyday materials to represent the organs and other parts. It helped us gain a greater understanding of how the digestive process works.

Drama Activity: As part of our work on play scripts, we acted out a scene from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Persuasive Language. In small groups we brainstormed persuasive adjectives and then tried to 'sell' our chosen chocolate bars to our peers. We then voted for the most persuasive person who had to promote the product to the whole class, Our overall winner was Finlay!

Buddy Reading with Fieldmice

Class Talks

Teeth Experiment! We wanted to find out the effects of certain liquids on our teeth. We used eggs as the egg shell was the closest material to represent the enamel. The vinegar represented the acid in our found in our mouth. Over several days we observed the results and recorded them.

Class Trip to the Harry Potter Studios! Squirrels were very excited and spent the day with open mouths and wide eyes, as they explored all things Harry Potter. Too many things to mention but a few highlights were the Great Hall, The Forbidden Forest, The Hogwart's Express, Diagon Alley, riding on a broomstick and a workshop exploring actual costumes from the films. A fantastic day out which we will never forget!

Special Delivery! The children were very excited to receive letters from Hogwarts offering them a place there. They had to reply formally to accept their place and explain which house they would be suited to best.

Potions! We followed instructions to make potions using some 'interesting' ingredients! This made great links to our English work, as well as our science! We then designed our own potions and wrote instructions on how to make them!

Beaker Pots: Following on from our printed designs, we had a go at making our own beaker pots from clay. First we rolled out a circular base and then we created coils to build the sides. Next we smoothed these out and shaped our pots. Finally we carved out our designs. When the pots had fully dried and hardened, we glazed them. Our lovely pottery became Christmas gifts for our parents!

Making muscles - We have been learning about the muscles work and have made working models to help us understand how they work in pairs. We could also see that when one muscle relaxes, the other contracts.

Block Printing in Art - We have been learning about the Beaker People in our topic work and so we wanted to recreate the intricate designs from their pots. First we sketched some designs from pictures of the real artefacts. Then we carefully etched the outline and design onto a polystyrene tile. After that, we carefully rolled on the ink and pressed the paper on top. Finally, we peeled the paper back to reveal our prints. We were very pleased and surprised with the lovely results.

Christmas Concert at Stetchworth Church

Christmas Lunch and Christmas Cards

Kindness Cards for Anti-Bullying Day. We wrote supportive and encouraging messages for friends, peers and teachers and left them in secret places for them to find.

Diva Lamps for Diwali

Rocks and Soils Experiment. We tested the permeability of different types of rocks and soil. The children ensured the test was carried out fairly and made predictions about the results. Then they timed and recorded the results and wrote about what they found out.

Biscuit Stonehenge! The children were challenged to make a model of Stonehenge entirely out of biscuits! They had to work as a team to create as realistic a replica as they could. Team Kipling said, "We found it challenging but we used teamwork to help us structure it and we were resilient, Team Dahl said, "We struggled but we didn't give up. We tried a different biscuit and it worked. Team Lewis said, "We had no arguing and worked together". Team Morpurgo said, "I think what we did best was communication because we listened to each other and everyone had a go". Team Rowling said, "I wish Stonehenge was like this...yummy! It was AMAZING!"

Author Visit! We were very lucky to have Tess (Ollie's Mum) and Amy visit us and share their recent publication called 'One Thing At A Time'. They shared the story with us and gave us an insight into how a book is written and then published. We had lots of questions for them both!

Squirrels become archaeologists! We had to investigate some prehistoric organic material (poo!) and find out what it told us about the diet of Stone Age people. First we measured and recorded the size of the poo. We then had to carefully examine it to discover what clues it gave us. We found lots of berries, seeds, fish bones and even some maggots!