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Kettlefields Primary School

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Foundation Subjects


Our children are encouraged to explore the past, in simple contexts at first, relating to themselves and the passing of time. Then, as they progress, they will be given opportunities to explore aspects of the past and the extent to which they have affected the present. Wherever possible we provide our children with genuine documents and original source material, to help them in their understanding of what life used to be like in as many contexts as possible. Visits are arranged to bring History alive to our children.





Our work in Geography begins with encouraging our children to explore their immediate environment. We are extremely lucky at Kettlefields Primary School to have a wealth of opportunity and resources in our school grounds. Children are introduced to the basics of map work at a very early age. This leads on to learning about the conventions of map-making and map references. They will learn about climates and conditions, land use and features. They are encouraged to keep up to date, through the media, on topical places and people. Our older children have the opportunity to participate in residential field trips to widen their horizons.





Design Technology

Through Design Technology our children learn how to implement the knowledge and skills they have learned in other subject areas. It is an integral part of topic work and closely linked with Science. The children are taught how to use appropriate tools safely, in order to prepare a wide range of materials selected for their design work. Our children are encouraged to be critical of their designs and improve their work through further experimentation. As the children progress, it soon becomes clear to them how important careful planning is to the successful completion of any project.






Computing replaced ICT in the new 2014 curriculum. At Kettlefields Computing is taught as a subject in its own right and as a means to access and enhance other areas of the curriculum. All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard to enhance teaching and learning. The School uses IPADs, laptops, floor robots, digital cameras and video cameras to aid the children’s learning. We are connected by broadband to the internet through the county system which has a high level of security to enable children to develop their skills within a safe online environment. From September 2016 children will be following the Rising Stars Computing scheme of work which will cover a broad range of topics. Children will enhance their skills in digital literacy, programming, understanding technology and E-safety. Some of our year 6 pupils run a coding club for year 2 and we have a thriving after school STEM club run by one of our governors and a volunteer.





Physical Education

The physical wellbeing of our children is as important as their mental development. Our children are encouraged to participate in all types of physical activities and a range of games. Children participate in two hours of PE a week at Kettlefields following the Cambridgeshire PE scheme of work. We are lucky to have Dellar Sports working with us from September 2016 supporting teachers in PE lessons and providing extra-curricular clubs for both KS1 and KS2 children. We are members of both the Suffolk and Cambridgeshire School Sports partnerships due to our proximity to the county border. We take part in a variety of competitions such as swimming gala, kwik cricket, high 5 netball, quick sticks hockey, basketball, gymnastics and tennis. We are passionate about sport at Kettlefields and try to involve as many children as possible. During the 2015/16 academic year: we raised over £1200 for Sports relief with a fun run; had a visit from a Paralympian footballer and held a sports day where every child could participate. Children in year 3 and 4 take part in swimming lessons at Bottisham Village College during the summer term. In 2017_18 we can report that 100% of our current year 6 children can swim at least 25m.






All children are taught music as part of the curriculum. The focus of the lesson varies from singing, to playing simple percussion instruments. Key Stage 2 children, have the opportunity to learn an instrument as a class group. Recent instruments have included the drums, trumpet and ocarinas. We have a music assembly once a week where children sing and play instruments. All Children are able to join the recorders club or choir. We regularly hold music assemblies for parents to come and see their children sing or play. There are opportunities for children to take additional music lessons such as singing and piano.


Art, Craft and Design

We recognise that art is the medium through which our children can express their thoughts and feelings. They will have every opportunity to do this through the many techniques they will be introduced to. They will be able to work individually, in groups and as a whole class, two dimensionally and three dimensionally. They will be given opportunities to evaluate their own work and the work of others hopefully then enabling the children to use their observations to extend their own work.




Religious Education

Religious Education is provided in accordance with the agreed Cambridgeshire Syllabus. Parents may withdraw their children from religious worship or religious education but we request that parents need to make an appointment with the Headteacher to discuss this. The school holds daily assemblies for all pupils and an emphasis is placed upon the school as a family.

Much of our teaching of religious education is approached through stories, relating them to real life situations. In addition to specific religious themes, the children are encouraged to reflect upon the wonders of the world around them, communities, shared values, fellowship, celebration etc. Members of the local clergy and visitors from other faiths are welcome into school to take assemblies.





Sex Education

Sex Education is taught in Years 5 and 6 during the summer term as part of the children’s topic work. The course offered is comprehensive enough to give the children all they need to know about growth, development and reproduction.




Modern Foreign Languages

We try to ensure that from Reception children are exposed to basic vocabulary in a European language. Currently, all Key Stage 2 children receive French lessons from a Specialist Language Teacher on a weekly basis.