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Personal and Social Education

Personal, Social, Citizenship, Health and Education (PSCHE) at Kettlefields Primary School follows the ‘Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme’.


The scheme is a comprehensive resource and planning aid for all aspects of delivering PSCHE. Further it builds on children’s prior knowledge and learned skills, including emotional and physical changes, friendships, financial capability, personal safety, diversity and citizenship and healthy lifestyles.


By following and working simultaneously with the ‘Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme’ and the ‘PSHE service’ we are assured guidance, consultancy, training and resources to enhance the health and wellbeing of our children at Kettlefields.


The programme is now available online and is subsequently updated on a regular basis as needs and priorities evolve. Further the programme includes assessment of learning and tools that can enable whole school review and policy development.


As we have mixed year age groups, we work on a 2 year rolling programme. The only exception is that ‘Sex and Relationships Education’ (SRE) in Years 5 and 6 are taught in discreet year groups. This is to ensure that teaching is age appropriate. Parents are contacted prior to this module being taught and are invited to view the material. Only in Years 5 and 6 are parents allowed to withdraw their consent however, we would strongly recommend talking to us prior to doing this.


Pastoral care and support is very important to us at Kettlefields and this is provided in numerous ways. The children themselves provide support through our ‘Buddy system’. Buddies keep a watchful eye at playtimes and offer children advice, encouragement and support. Further the ‘Buddies’ meet on a weekly basis to discuss any concerns that they have. They also nominate children in our achiever assembly for being ‘good role models’ and ‘having a go’.

Two of our six ‘Buddies’.

In addition we provide nurture through drawing and talking therapy, play therapy, lego group and friendship discussion groups. Every child will have ‘Circle Time’ which gives children the opportunity to share and discuss with their peers in a safe environment. This often involves songs, stories, games and topical discussion.

Fieldmice class being read a story about ‘Rules’.

We have a ‘House’ system at Kettlefields where every member of our school is part of a ‘House’ team. House points are awarded for hard work, utilising the learning toolkit, kindness, being a good role model and following the golden rules. Every week these house points are tallied up and their colour ribbon is put on school cup which is displayed in the reception area. Further the Head/Deputy Head announce the winning house in the school newsletter so parents are aware of their children’s achievements.

House points are displayed in Reception and celebrated in school.

Children also have a voice through their ‘School Council’ representatives who are voted in by the children themselves. School council meet on a weekly basis to discuss any issues or suggestions. Recently the children have discussed what play equipment they would like and have made suggestions to CCS (our school catering provider) about what they would like at lunch.

School Council class representatives

We have a traffic light behaviour system that is well understood and liked by the children, parents and staff. Each day every child starts the day on green. Children are given lots of encouragement to move up the traffic light system and are often rewarded with a dip in the prize box should they reach gold! Children work really hard to ensure their peg moves in the right direction. Consequently, we believe our school is a happy environment where our children ‘Aspire, Achieve and Believe’.

Traffic light system across the school

Examples of PSHE work:


Restart the Heart Day.

The aim was to teach the whole school the ‘recovery position’ and for the children to practise ‘CPR’ on a dummy.

Army week- Promoting British Values.


Captain Hind spoke to the whole school about ‘British Values’. Children showed a knowledge and understanding of the values and contributed to discussion well.


Some of the children’s comments were as follows:

“Individual liberty means freedom for yourself.” James (Badgers class)

“Mutual respect means respect for people and their choices.” Dalia (Squirrels class)

“In a democracy everyone has a choice.” Jamie (Badgers class)

“We follow the golden rules.” Jack (Fieldmice class)

“Tolerance means we respect what people believe and what they choose to do.” (Captain Hind)

The Queen visits Newmarket for a formal statue unveiling.

Kettlefields was one of the local primary school’s invited to the event. The whole school attended and representatives from each class were picked out of a hat to attend the formal unveiling of the statue.


The objective of the trip was for children to develop their knowledge and understanding of British Values and for them to experience first hand the work and life of the Royal Family.

Very excited to be seeing Her Majesty the Queen!

“I will remember going to see the Queen with my friends and the whole school!” Kate (Squirrels class)

Squirrels trip to the ‘Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple’.

Mrs Clarke took Squirrels class to London to visit the magnificent temple as part of their Hindu topic. The aim of the trip was for the children to gain a greater understanding of the Hindu faith.

Squirrels class outside the temple

Family and Friends work in Fieldmice.

Fieldmice class looked at different families and made a display in the classroom with pictures and drawings of their families.

We are working very hard and are very close to achieving our ‘Food for Life’ bronze award!

One of our Fieldmice practising the ‘spreading’ technique at Breakfast club with his toast. At Kettlefields we think it’s important to teach skills and promote independence.



Premier Education assembly on the 15 March about Healthy Eating and Living.


The anti- bullying ‘Little Princess’ theatre production is coming to Kettlefields on the 25 May 2017.


Our local PCSO came in to work with some Key Stage 2 children on a road safety art project.

Food for Life