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Kettlefields Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve
Aspire Believe Achieve


Welcome to Squirrels Class!

We're 'nuts' about learning! 




We are a mix of Year 3 and Year 4 children.
Our Class Teacher is
Mrs Palmer
Our Teaching Assistant is
Mrs Dracup 


Through our exciting and stimulating topics, we will ensure the children are exposed to a rich, broad based curriculum.


Our Topics


Autumn Term: Invaders and Settlers

Spring Term: The Rainforest

Summer Term: Ancient Egypt


This term our topic is:





Through cross curricular and inquiry based approaches to our learning:

The children will be exploring the diversity of plant and animal life in the Rainforest.

The children will learn about the location of tropical rainforests and will be able to locate them on a map with reference to the Equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, as well as the hemispheres. They will be able to describe the climate of the rainforests and the impact this has. They will find out about the different layers of vegetation and the various plant and animal species that live there. They will make comparisons between these habitats and explain how species have adapted to live there. The children will discover some of the indigenous rainforest tribes and compare their lives with modern society.

We will understand the environmental impact of deforestation and explore the actions we can take to help save them.



 We will also be exploring aspects of the topic through our English work.



Each term we produce a Curriculum Map that details what the children will learn. 
The Curriculum Maps are designed to give as much information as possible

about what the children will be learning at school each 

term so that they can be supported at home.
       For our Topic Web and Newsletter please refer to the documents tab below.





Our School Council Representatives are:


Laila Kempton and Ollie Garner




Currently the children are given a half termly homework menu full of exciting and varied tasks to support their understanding of the topics covered in class. It is expected that they complete one task a week.
Homework books will be collected in each Monday. 


However this term the children have been asked to complete a mini project on a chosen aspect of the rainforest. 

They will conduct their own research and present their work in a file/folder, with illustrations, maps and pictures, as well as hand written notes.


Please continue to practise your times tables and read regularly (every day if possible).

Also remember to practise the spellings from the inside cover of your homework book. 

Don't forget you can also access and practise your maths skills on Doodle maths and you could also do some research in preparation for your talk.