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The School Day

From September 2023 will be making one change to the start of the school day: Doors will open at 8.40am and register will be at 8.45am.


This means all children need to be in class by 8.45am. Previously, we have had a 15-minute rolling start to the school day. This means that children in school at 8.45am everyday are benefitting from an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes of learning time over those that arrive at 9am.  During the time between 8.45-9am children complete ‘Early Morning Work’. This tends to be practicing core skills such as arithmetic, times tables, spellings, handwriting and reading. This slight change to the school day will ensure ALL children benefit from this vital part of the school day.



Monday to Thursday


Doors open






KS1 collection



KS2 collection



Please note:

Parents are politely asked to bring their children to the school office if they are late.

Children in Early Years and KS1 receive fresh fruit or vegetable snacks mid-morning. Children in KS2 may bring a fruit or vegetable snack from home as a snack. Sweets are not allowed in school under any circumstances.

Late Marks

A late mark 'L' (late but attending) will be recorded against any pupil arriving in school after school doors close at 8.45am. If your child arrives in school after 9am then the register will show them as a 'U' (unauthorised absence) even though they are in school. All children arriving from 8.45am through the school entrance must be signed in by their parent/carer in the Late Registration Book. This book is checked weekly by the school office and children who have more than 3 late sign-ins per half term will be sent a letter from the Attendance Officer. If these lates continue, contact with the parent will be made requesting a meeting with the Headteacher, and if, after that meeting, your child is still receiving late marks, the school will contact the Education Welfare Officer for advice.

Collection From School

Unless a letter authorising a child to walk home has been signed by a parent of a Peregrines class pupil, ALL pupils have to collected at the end of the day by a parent or an authorised person. Children are seen out of class at the end of the school day by the class teacher and should not be waiting outside of the classroom for their parent. If at school drop-off, you know that somebody other than a parent or authorised person will be collecting your child, please write in the collection book inside each classroom by the exit door who will be collecting that day.  If your child is collected regularly by a relative or another parent, please send an email or letter in to the school office informing us of who is authorised to collect each child, and we will keep that information on their pupil file.

Please understand, we will NOT allow a child to go with anybody we have not had authorisation for - this is for obvious safeguarding reasons. If we hold your child until we can contact you in this event please understand that we are trying to keep your child safe.