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Art, design and technology

Art, Craft and Design

We recognise that art is the medium through which our children can express their thoughts and feelings. They will have every opportunity to do this through the many techniques they will be introduced to. They will be able to work individually, in groups and as a whole class, two dimensionally and three dimensionally. They will be given opportunities to evaluate their own work and the work of others hopefully then enabling the children to use their observations to extend their own work.

Design Technology

Through Design Technology our children learn how to implement the knowledge and skills they have learned in other subject areas. It is an integral part of topic work and closely linked with Science. The children are taught how to use appropriate tools safely, in order to prepare a wide range of materials selected for their design work. Our children are encouraged to be critical of their designs and improve their work through further experimentation. As the children progress, it soon becomes clear to them how important careful planning is to the successful completion of any project