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Kettlefields Primary School

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Our Curriculum Aims:

At Kettlefields Primary School, we strive to ensure children:

1. Become effective learners
We encourage our children to be curious, to ask questions and be resourceful and independent in their learning. We provide many opportunities for independent thinking and for them to apply their skills whilst developing collaborative learning. The children become resilient and persistent and they learn to take risks and develop their perseverance.

2. Attain the skills, knowledge and understanding which provide the essential preparation for the next stage in their school life
We aim to ensure that children have a love of reading and learning, have high attainment across all areas of the curriculum and are well prepared for the next stage of their education. We have a passion for the Arts at Kettlefields Primary and we offer a broad, cultural education for our children. We believe that competition and sportsmanship are important and we offer many opportunities for children to represent the school and develop their confidence.

3. Foster a positive and caring attitude towards others
We aim to develop an environment where children will experience a sense of rights and responsibilities and involvement in decision making. We believe in truth, justice, equality and that children have a sense of right and wrong. They will experience how our school is a central part of the local community and they will develop a sense of national and global perspective; developing their horizons and understanding of a variety of lifestyles.

4. Feel secure and live a healthy and safe life
We aim to support children to make good choices about physical health and diet and understand how to face the risks and challenges which arise as a normal part of living. We value the environment and feel passionately about careful management of our environment.


Our curriculum entitlements:


By the end of their time in the school, we aim to ensure that all children have the opportunity

to experience:


  • Performing to an audience as part of a production

  • Learning a range of musical instruments

  • Learning a foreign language

  • Representing the school in a sporting competition

  • Staying away on a residential

  • Contributing to school decision making

  • Taking responsibility for younger children e.g. Young Leaders and Buddies

  • Involvement in whole school art and technology projects

  • Links with the local community

  • Young enterprise projects

  • Educational visits and visitors to the school

  • Safer cycling

  • Public speaking


Our curriculum organisation:

In our school we teach the curriculum in three phases (although children may be taught in mixed age classes)


  • EYFS : Early Years Foundation Stage which comprises the first year of schooling, usually aged between 4 and 5 years of age.

  • Key Stage 1: this stage comprises two years, Y1 and Y2. The children leave this stage when they are 7 years old.

  • Key Stage 2: there are four years in this stage, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6. At the end of KS2, when they are 11 years old, children are ready to transfer to the secondary school of their choice.


We teach all subjects in the National Curriculum 2014. Our two year long term plan is organised into topics. In order to best facilitate children’s learning we provide a linked, cross curricular programme which helps them make connections between subjects and areas of learning. In doing this we endeavour to provide an exciting and creative curriculum, making best use our community, promoting thinking skills and independent learning in our children.


We teach Literacy and Mathematics on a daily basis and will use relevant intervention strategies created to support children in achieving their maximum attainment and progress.


Children in the Early Years follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


We measure pupil progress continually through each school year, devising individual support strategies to ensure that pupils make the best possible progress throughout their time at the School. Parents and children are included in the assessment process; parents are kept informed of children’s progress via termly meetings and yearly reports including targets for improvement. Termly pupil progress meetings are held between class teachers and Senior Leadership to discuss the progress of each child.


For each subject taught there are schemes of work, created or tailored by staff at Kettlefields Primary. Each scheme of work refers closely to the programmes of study identified in the National Curriculum.


At Kettlefields RE is taught according to the Locally Agreed Syllabus.

Education is provided in Personal, Social and Health issues (PSHE). This will include developing confidence and responsibility, healthy lifestyles, good relationships and respect for others, as well as sex education. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex education lessons.


Throughout the curriculum equal opportunities are a constant consideration. Homework is considered to be an integral part of school curriculum. It is regularly set and suited to the needs of the children (please see the Homework policy for more details). The curriculum is monitored through the scrutiny of planning, observation of lessons, interviews with children and scrutiny of work. Children have the right to education in a safe environment and teachers are always aware of the need to comply with the Health and Safety policy.


To find out further information about our curriculum please contact the school office. 


What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

We offer the following clubs to our pupils:


Sports Clubs

Various sports clubs held throughout the year at lunchtime and after school

All year groups


Wednesday lunchtimes

All year groups

Piano lessons


All year groups

Singing lessons


All year groups

Flute & Recorder Lessons


All year groups

Rock Steady Music Club


Mad Science Club

Club held each term on Mondays