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Kettlefields Primary School

Aspire Believe Achieve
Aspire Believe Achieve

Visions and Values

Kettlefields Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to create the finest school.

Our Missions is to;

  • Put our school at the heart of the community, working in close partnership with parents.
  • Deliver high quality teaching and create a climate of life-long learning
  • Provide a broad-based education to enable all children to discover their strengths and to make the most of their talents within the school and beyond
  • Build a centre of excellence in Early Years that is a bedrock for further growth throughout the school
  • Ensure that all staff have high expectations for all our children.
  • Provide a safe environment where our children are encouraged and supported so that they develop into confident, motivated, enthusiastic self-assured individuals who are willing to take risks

We will achieve this by;

  • The recruitment and retention of high calibre staff at all levels
  • Ensuring teaching is focused and is of the highest quality
  • Offering continuous professional development for all
  • Actively encouraged parents and the wider community to engage with and participate in the development of the school
  • Observing our golden rules, written by the children.
  • Through the use of Kettlefields Learning Toolkit. 


Our Values

  • We value children as individuals, recognising their strengths and building their resilience.
  • We instil respect for other people, cultures and beliefs, whilst understanding and teaching the core British Values of; Democracy, Respect and Tolerance.
  • We are proud of our community of learning where all children enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum with plenty of opportunities for creativity, enrichment and outdoor learning.




Aspire Believe Achieve

 Aspire to be the best we can be, Believe in ourselves, and Achieve our goals.


Kettlefields Learning Toolkit

As a school we have identified nine behaviours that we believe make a good learner. These are based around the Characteristics of Effective Learning used in Early Years. Each month we focus on one learning behaviour from the Kettlefields Learning Toolkit and children are awarded Powerful Learner Certificates for displaying good learning behaviours. The behaviours in our Learning Toolkit underpin our vision statement and are the values around which our school is based.




Our Golden Rules