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We've become a Prem. Aware School

The Smallest Things baby charity has named Kettlefields Primary School as a Prem Aware School. This is another piece of hugely positive news for Kettlefields.

Research tells us that, on average, there will be two to three children in every typical classroom who were born prematurely (before 37 weeks). While this does not automatically mean they will have additional educational needs, it does increase the chances they will require extra support.  

We have met all three Prem Aware requirements to gain the award: training staff; asking new parents if children were born prematurely as part of the admissions process; and requesting feedback from parents on any extra support provided. 

By becoming a Prem Aware School, the teaching staff will have a better understanding of the lasting effects of premature birth, be able to identify issues early and provide the practical and emotional support children may need on their education journey. Teaching staff found the training incredibly interesting and informative and we feel much more equipped to be able to support children who are born prematurely. It has given us a greater awareness of how having a premature child can impact the whole family. We are keen to use the strategies and knowledge we have gained to positively impact the lives of our children.

Catriona Ogilvy, founder of The Smallest Things, says "This is fantastic news for families of children born prematurely who attend Kettlefields Primary School. Our recent survey revealed nine out of 10 parents of children born prematurely felt there was a need for more awareness and understanding in schools. Having trained teachers who know what to look out for and how to help, will make a big difference to children in the classroom. We hope this will inspire other schools to take this step.”  

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